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Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days? What about at night?

Your solar panels don’t need sunshine, per se, to generate electricity as much as they need direct, unobstructed access to the sun’s UV rays. Similar to how your skin still ...

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What should be my first step if I want to start construction on a new building?

When you are considering a new construction or renovation project, we recommend contacting GFV as soon as possible during the initial design stages. The earlier that we get involved in ...

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FAQS on Printing

Are there price breaks for ordering larger quantities of documents? We do offer price breaks on higher volume jobs. Please call us at (237) 234756927 to speak to our sales ...

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What are Solar Lights?

If Scientifically define, Solar lights are portable light fixtures composed of LED lamps,photovoltaic solar panels, and rechargeable batteries.

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